Charlotte Jung is a Cert. Psychologist now focused on her creative writing. Charlotte is originally from Stockholm, Sweden and today she divides her time between Chicago and the Stockholm country side. Her writing consists of absurd feminist drama and language oriented micro poetry.

In Charlotte’s feminist experimental plays, the stage, prop and characters give form to and enact the often times unruly, but always suppressed and constrained inner world of a woman’s psyche – a dramatized transformational process exploring agency and performative action, and its relation to a repressive, but also change inducing structure. Basically – what makes us become (or not) who we are. It’s an existentialistic and absurd playwriting drawing influences from playwrights such as Gombrowicz, Churchill and Beckett, as well as performance art and modern explorative dance.

Charlotte’s plays have been performed mainly in Chicago, but also in Seattle WA, Kansas City MO, Raleigh NC, San Fransisco CA and Puerto Rico. Charlotte is a playwright member at the Artist Development Workshop (hosted at Steppenwolf)  and a recipient of Chicago Dramatists’ educational scholarship, courtesy of M.E.H. Lewis Memorial Fund.

In Charlotte’s language oriented micro poetry, the main theme and driving question is “existence”; what it is and how does it come to be (or not). The project aims to highlight the defining power of structure on one hand, and the life enhancing force of movement on the other. Notable inspiration come from other language and minimalist poets such as Susan Howe, Henri Micheaux and, of course Aram Saroyan. Abstract expressionist art and philosophy on time, movement and space are also vital sources of inspiration.

Charlotte’s first poetry collection C, (© 2019, Vänd Blad Förlag) is a collection of visual micro poetry exploring the basic building blocks of language and life.

Out of nothing something – out of something anything, anything, anything

C is written in English and can be ordered here.

MBRYO, a chap book published by Puddles of Sky Press (© 2019) is available for purchase through the publisher here.

explosion, a concrete poem featured in the handprinted magazine ToCall No. 9 (2020) is available for purchase here.

Charlotte’s poetry has also been published in, among others; Illiterature, Molecule – Tiny Lit Mag and the Nordic poetry magazines Popular Poetry and Ad Lucem.

To get in contact with Charlotte, please send a message.

Form is only a snapshot view of transition.

~ Henri Bergson